Pakistan State Oil is the largest oil marketing company of Pakistan and is currently engaged in the marketing, manufacturing, storage and distribution of both fuels and lubricants. PSO, with a widespread network of more than 3,500 retail outlets across 200+ cities country wide, touches upon the lives of millions of customers daily. Being the market leader, PSO possesses the best resources among all oil marketing companies operating in Pakistan in terms of its network, supply chain, storage capacity and its distribution muscle. With 9 installations and 23 depots, PSO can store approximately 1 million metric tons which represents 74% of the nation's total storage capacity. Integral to our success are our efforts to provide our customers unmatched services based on innovation, excellence and our vision for the future to deliver value to our customers. At PSO we believe that customers are the life line for our business/organization. For this we are in constant pursuit to set high standards, by maintaining quality control of products and services at all levels, and provide our customers unparalleled and diverse services based on innovation, market research, a caring and a progressing vision we have for future.

Product and Services

Pakistan State Oil, caters to wide spectrum of various Fuel & non-fuel products, including

  • Motor Gasoline
  • High Speed Diesel
  • Euro 5- Hi Octane
  • Shop Stop (NFR)
  • Car wash (NFR)
  • Tyre Shop (NFR)
  • Corporate/Fleet Cards
  • Digicash
  • CNG
  • Kerosene
  • Jet Fuel
  • Light Diesel Oil
  • Furnace Oil
  • LPG
  • Petrochemical
  • Complete range of automotive & industrial range lubricants

Assuring our business partners best services and cooperation at all times.

Consumer Business/Key Accounts is the Industrial Sales & Marketing wing of the company and caters to the needs of our Corporate, Industrial & Defence customers.